Artisanal Coloured Concrete Sinks

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Green Produced

Produced with 40% recycled materials, making it an Earth first choice

Colour Your World

All sinks can be made in one of 30+ colour options to fit any design dream

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Packaged securely, the sink will be delivered to your doorstep

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Green Produced

Produced with 40% recycled materials, making it a Earth first choice

Impact Resistant

Made strong to resist dings from the soap bottle fumble

Easy To Maintain

Made to wipe with water + soap for ease and comfort


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Artisanal Concrete Sinks and Basins

Crete Collective, located in Edmonton, Alberta, specializes in crafting highly-designed architectural handcrafted concrete sinks.

Our team is dedicated to meticulously handcrafting each sink, placing paramount importance on quality and attention to detail. Each sink undergoes a meticulous process of hand-sanding and sealing to attain a consistent and striking finish. With a diverse palette of 35+ colors and more than 8 sink styles to choose from, accompanied by various installation options, including wall mount and surface mount, our customers can effortlessly discover the perfect sink to meet their specific needs.

You can easily make a selection from our online shop and it will ship direct from our facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Get answers to some of our most popular FAQ's or feel free to contact us for support.

We design and handcraft our products in our facility located in Edmonton, AB.

All dimensions can be found on each product page. Please click the “view spec sheet”

We offer a wide selection of over 30 signature colours for you to choose from! All of our products are made using integral color, meaning the color runs throughout the product and not just on the surface.

While the nature of concrete is somewhat unpredictable, this is also one of its attractive properties as every piece is unique. However, we strive to limit as many variables as possible in the casting process to achieve colours that are very close to our samples.

Not at this time. We offer 31 colors variations to fit most every design. You may purchase samples here to make sure its the right color for you.

You can contact us to book an appointment to see our showroom in Edmonton, AB or see them at River City TilesSave More Plumbing in BC, and EMCO ensuite Winnipeg.

We are currently working on getting into more showrooms across Canada and the United States.

If you are a business or showroom manager and would like to display our sinks, please contact us at

Yes we do, please click here to apply!

Yes our sinks are shipped worldwide. 

Experience the Beauty of Handcrafted Concrete Sinks

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